It's About Time: Science Harmonized with Religion (Unabridged) It's About Time: Science Harmonized with Religion (Unabridged)

It's About Time: Science Harmonized with Religion (Unabridged‪)‬

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Is there a realm known as God's time or an eternity-domain?

What about man's time?

What about transcendental time?

Where are we in time?

The concept of time is one of those things we humans take entirely for granted. Few people ever dedicate the effort to learn what time is?

David W. Allan has been measuring time for over 54 years as an atomic clock physicist. He has sliced the second into billionths, quadrillionths, and even smaller.

Such precision has enabled developments like GPS and cellular communication, something we all are aware of.

The author's devotion to learning and the pursuit of truth has revealed a surprisingly strong connection between things spiritual, scientific, physical, political, historical, and mental.

It's about time we became aware of the ideas that bind us to the eternal. This is (according to the author) the most exciting time in the history of the planet... and we are living it!

Note: David W. Allan is one of the most renowned scholars in the world of horology (the study of time). His writings come from a decidedly LDS/Mormon perspective. While he does not recruit or admonish listeners in any way, he sites his tradition and occasionally makes reference to the scriptures that inform his belief system. Along with Glenn Beck, David (and some 14 million others) have discovered that there is far more common ground between Latter-day Saints, Christians, and Jews that most would have imagined.

This book is witness to that truth. He encourages all to listen to it and see if it does not true to your heart. He encourages those of his own faith to explore the book for the very same reasons, truly it is a new exploration for all.

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