It's Only a Game (Unabridged‪)‬

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Teasing isn't always appropriate. Flirting can be like playing with fire, especially when a young man's hormones serve as fuel for the uncontainable blaze.

She loves male attention, feeds on winning their favor and affection. This time, she's picked the wrong man to tease, unwittingly tempting her husband's son Jake beyond his own ability for self-control.

She just wants him to be happy, to be fond of her. Maybe too much so. She doesn't know when to stop teasing; she doesn't know just what it does to Jake It's all fun and games when it's all out in the open, around the breakfast table or even at his school. But when the two of them are alone, when the playful taunting turns physical, there's no turning back. Once the line has been crossed - when it was blurred a long time ago - the events two household members set in motion just can't be stopped.

Her Teasing Provocations ~ His All-Consuming Urges ~ Their First Submissive MILF Erotica Experience


This tale of unrelenting teasing and unintended seduction brings all of your favorite taboo MILF stories themes to life for you to experience intimately: submissive MILF erotica, teasing women, jerking off erotica, taboo sex short stories, MILF seductions, first-time taboo

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Adult Erotica Warning: This book contains adult sex situations infused with explicit erotic sex scenes in explicit detail and graphic sex and language and is intended for mature adult audiences only. All characters are fictionally created and all engaged in sexual fantasy situations and activities are mutually consenting and 18 years of age or older.

About the Author: Tina Tirrell knows fetish, and she's not afraid to write the forbidden.

Tina Tirrell's writing is unique among all erotica authors in its drenching intensity, true-to-life detail, driving pace that picks up your pulse at every peak moment (ensuring your gratification - repeatedly - while listening), and even a touch of erotic comedy that you're guaranteed to grow addicted to. Tina's passion for each theme she personally delves into and every erotic taste she caters to is evident in her believable characters and genuine story progression. Her fans come away content, spent, and breathless for more, as if they've just enjoyed a new, intimate encounter all their own.

Sierra Kline
hr min
October 30
Ardour Press

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