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In a voice as rich as it is recognized, James Earl Jones lends his narrative talents to the King James Version of the New Testament. In over 19 hours enhanced with a complete musical score, James Earl Jones interprets the most enduring book of our time utilizing the acclaimed actor's superb storytelling and skilled characterizations. Hailed as the greatest spoken-word Bible version ever, and with almost half a million copies sold, this exquisite audio treasury is certain to enthuse and inspire.

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James Earl Jones
hr min
July 1
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Customer Reviews

martin-luther ,

James Earl Jones Reads the Bible

Great, comforting words of our God read by one of the best voices in the world. I only wish Mr. Jones would read the Old Testament as well.

Rob in Dallas ,

This is a terrible recording

I regret buying this. I thought the "musical score" cited in the description would be used intermittently to add some nuance at appropriate times. Instead, the music is constant. It is TOO LOUD, making it difficult to concentrate on the words. It is like the narrator was recording this while sitting in a room with someone doing a marathon piano recital. Horrible.

PDinCA ,

Leave the music out

I'll be honest and say I don't own this, I just listened to the sample. But that was enough to tell me I woudl probably enjoy this audio Bible a lot if I could just listen to Mr. Jones read it. He has a great voice, easy to listen to, seems to be adding just enough "narration" instead of simply reading the words. But when you add well known praise songs as an instrumental track behind him, and as prominent as the music is, your mind struggles to stayed tuned to the narration and not start hearing the actual words to that song in your head (at least I had that problem - immediately). I would have considered getting this for my i-pod if it wasn't for that, or if they'd just used some non-descript chords of synthetic music, sort of like the "Liquid Mind" music series. Disappointing, to say the least.

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