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Want to speak Japanese? Don’t have a lot of time? Japanese for Dummies is designed to help you learn quickly and easily at home or on the road. From basic greetings and expressions to grammar and conversations, you’ll grasp the essentials and start communicating right away.

This completely practical, portable learning system lets you set your own pace and skip around to explore topics that interest. This audiobook introduces the basics of Japanese, gets you familiar with the languages structure, and prepares you to use the language in real-world situations. You can play it wherever and whenever you want. You’ll discover how to:

Begin communicating in Japanese on a basic level
Handle greetings and introductions
Ask questions and understand the answers
Build your vocabulary
Talk about numbers, time, and the calendar
Ask for directions
Order a meal at a restaurant
Understand Japanese parts of speech
Form complete sentences and converse in Japanese

If you’re ready to start speaking Japanese, Japanese for Dummies is the most effective, convenient, and friendliest tool you can use.

Becky Wilmes
hr min
January 29
Wiley Audio

Customer Reviews

AussieNemo ,

Japanese for dummies

This was a really good umm...production, book, whatever, some of the translations are not exact but are given the same basic meaning. The japanese speaker says the words clearly and reapeats them after a while so it can soak in. If your trying to learn the language (like me) its definitely worth the $18 as a way to review or get used to the language.

Garylisk ,

Wow, really?

I only heard the preview, and that was plenty. Please don't refer to "Mr. Smith" as "Smith-sama" - I can not recommend this just based on the preview alone. If you know some basic Japanese, you know that it is not necesarally appropriate to refer to someone as -sama. Definitely would have been more appropriate to use -san for general teaching. -sama has much more of a meaning than -san, and if you were to start calling everyone you spoke with -sama, you'd get some funny looks for sure, not to mention it might even come off as rude or sarcastic. (Like referring to someone as "Your highness" would come off to an English speaker.)

Bob the Billy ,

The coolst Japnes!!

It was pretty good but it toooo much money and I think u can buy a lots of songs that amount of money it should be free or $1.29 or $2.00.

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