Jealousy: Self-Help Guide to Overcome Jealousy. Self-Esteem, Insecurity, Trust and Communication in Relationships: 5 Practical Exercises to Cope with Jealousy (Unabridged‪)‬

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Jealousy: Self-Help Guide to Overcome Jealousy. Self-Esteem, Insecurity, Trust and Communication in Relationships

What is jealousy and how to cope with it is something that you should learn if you want to build and maintain a healthier relationship with your friends, family, and partner. Although it's okay to be jealous sometimes, it is not right for you to allow yourself to be consumed by such a distressing, negative emotion. Keep in mind that if you do not work hard in controlling your jealousy, then your relationships with other people will be at risk of being totally damaged.

In your attempt to learn more about what is jealousy and what usually triggers it, you have to find out more about its most basic categories. One category is the healthy jealousy. This type is not considered to be harmful and can be defined as common envious reactions that are often faced by couples. The best thing about this kind of jealousy is that it is not difficult to deal with because it is only mild and occasional. You do not also need to undergo a lot of mind training when it comes to coping with it. 

The other category is referred to as destructive jealousy, and this is something that you should avoid. This type can make you feel jealous in an intense, irrational, and frequent manner. If you want to live life with utmost satisfaction, then you have to look for ways to avoid this uncontrollable emotion.

The purpose of this guide is to help understand jealousy and give some advice and exercises on how to start overcoming this issue. These are the topics addressed in the book:

What is jealousy
Difference between jealousy and envy
Types of jealousy
Major causes of jealousy
Five practical exercises to cope with jealousy

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Kristie M. Roberts
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April 9
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