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Suicide is the most common cause of deaths for prison inmates in the US. However, multi-millionaire financier and convicted sex offender and pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious death in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York appears to be far from being a suicide. So, is Jeffrey Epstein’s death a suicide?

This book would deal with some of the underlying aspects of the case of Jeffrey Epstein’s death. The book would attempt at finding out all possible angles to Epstein’s death and identify the exact cause of death. The clear illustration of Epstein’s life, origins of wealth, and his history of sexual crimes as well as his network and friends in this book can unravel many secrets that could be possibly buried with Epstein’s death.

As an advocate for justice, I have employed my best in all aspects to prepare this book. My interest in the case of Jeffrey Epstein was fueled by the various conspiracy theories that made the rounds of media after his death. I asked myself a question, how can a man who escaped punishment for sexual offenses against underage girls die by suicide in his prison cell? Pretty odd time for the realization of his crimes, isn’t it? I am always passionate about uncovering mysteries that cannot see the light of the day due to the mainstream media that always feeds propaganda.

Listening this book will help you look at three different possibilities of Epstein’s death, backed by strong and reasonable arguments. Listeners could be able to navigate the dark corners of the world’s elite society and understand the importance of their voice in addressing prime social issues.

If you are wondering about the credibility of this book, then just think of the fact that Epstein made his will two days before his death. Most important of all, prison rules were put away on the night of Epstein’s death. This book might help you explore all those details.

The book surely promises each listener with a comprehensive insight into the case of Jeffrey Epstein’s death. To put it simply, you can become a sort of an expert in Jeffrey Epstein’s case by listening to this book.

Why wait anymore when you can learn all there is to Epstein’s death right now?

The book that you are about to listen to may appear to be like a script of a Hollywood film. But it shows reality in the perfect light so that you cannot make a biased judgment regarding the cause of Epstein’s death. Listen to it now for developing an informed opinion on Jeffrey Epstein’s death!

Kurt Vale
hr min
October 7
Thomas Walker

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PaytonsDad ,

Good conspiracy theories.

Interesting but clearly a book about how Trump didn’t do anything. Not what I was expecting.

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