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Now considered a classic in the field, this remarkable book was the first to fully explore the mystery of life between lives. Journey of Souls presents the first-hand accounts of twenty-nine people placed in a "superconscious" state of awareness using Dr. Michael Newton's groundbreaking techniques. This unique approach allows Dr. Newton to reach his subjects' hidden memories of life in the spirit world after physical death. While in deep hypnosis, the subjects movingly describe what happened to them between lives. They reveal graphic details about what the spirit world is really like, where we go and what we do as souls, and why we come back in certain bodies.

Through the extraordinary stories in this book, you will learn the specifics about:

-How it feels to die

-What you see and feel right after death

-When and where you learn to recognize soul mates on earth

-Different levels of soul: beginning, intermediate, and advanced

-What happens to "disturbed" souls

-The purpose of life and manifestation of a "creator"

Peter Berkrot
hr min
February 28
Tantor Audio

Customer Reviews

B in NJ ,


I love reading and watching shows about these topics. I don't know why but I thought on a long commute I'd try out an audio book and I'm so glad I chose this one. Yes the reader sounds like he got kicked in the nuts but its easy to get over because the book is so fascinating. Expensive but worth the money if you ask me. I'm going to listen to it again at home too! Highly recommend to people who are into NDE's

Torchwood22 ,

Love Dr. Newton's work

This book has radically impacted my life. It gave me much deeper perspective of myself and my others. I especially appreciate the way this information still allows for many other ideas (spiritual, and otherwise) to bridge together and harmonize with it. It broadened my scope and opened my mind to many possibilities. If you enjoy this book, read his next one in the series, Destiny of Souls.
I will say that I found the reading/reader of this audio version to be very annoying. But the content is so captivating that the annoyance was easily overlooked.

Dewdrop034 ,


I cannot put this book down. It's like having a personal glimpse into the afterlife and how comforting it is to know what lies ahead.

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