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In Just Kids, Patti Smith’s first book of prose, the legendary American artist offers a never-before-seen glimpse of her remarkable relationship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe in the epochal days of New York City and the Chelsea Hotel in the late sixties and seventies. An honest and moving story of youth and friendship, Smith brings the same unique, lyrical quality to Just Kids as she has to the rest of her formidable body of work—from her influential 1975 album Horses to her visual art and poetry.

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Patti Smith
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July 26

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Kerrin Churchill ,

Just Kids

Brilliant. I read the book - couldn't stop reading the book - read it all the way through without stopping (and I'm a busy person.) Afterwards, I sat in silence for a long, long time. Patti's voice is deeply longing. Like her greatest mentor, Rimbaud, she walks through life observing the deeper view of life. Reading her words gave me her voice and yet, it wasn't enough. I wanted to know her soul. Not having access to Ms. Smith in three D form, I downloaded Just Kids. Narrating her words in her own voice brought to me a new awareness of this author - reminding me in so many ways of the Horses song track when her words blend with her words in what today we think of as Rap. Voice on Voice, I love this book. I love the words, I love the voice and I love the Voice. If you are like me, always searching for the shadow behind the figure, download Just Kids and buy the book besides. A slice of poetry for an era full of grit, determination and beauty. Yes. I love this. Wish I knew Patti Smith. I would call her "Kindred." I would call her "Friend." Since that is not possible, I will simply call her "Brilliant" and say a prayer for her soul. Thank you for bringing this story to my heart. Kerrin Winter-Churchill

itmoore ,


I love Patti Smith, but she reads her own writing like it was written by someone else. Great book! Poor audiobook.

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