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In JUST LISTEN, veteran psychiatrist and business coach Mark Goulston reveals the secret to how to get through to anyone, even when productive communication seems impossible, and presents remarkably effective tools and techniques you can use whenever a job, a sale, or a relationship hangs in the balance. Goulston has proven these strategies during his own 30-year career as a business coach at companies such as GE, IBM, Goldman Sachs, Kodak, Federal Express, Hyatt, and Disney. He has also trained FBI and police hostage negotiators to handle life-or-death situations.
With this powerful yet engaging audio book, you'll learn how to:
Get the attention of a total stranger who you need to know-like that potential client you absolutely must land.Talk an angry person up from an instinctual (irrational) state to receptivity, and finally to rationality-a skill that can save a job, a marriage, or even a life.Use the "Magic Paradox"-a technique the author developed for hostage negotiators- to turn a negative person into an asset.Master the critical art of buy-in (the foreplay of negotiation, persuasion, and selling) by moving anyone through the "Persuasion Cycle.
Barricades between people become barriers to success, progress, and happiness; so getting through is not just a fine art, but a crucial skill. JUST LISTEN gives you the techniques and confidence to approach the unreachable people in your life, and turn frustrating situations into productive outcomes and rewarding relationships.

Business & Personal Finance
Walter Dixon
hr min
January 31
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Customer Reviews

PassionateRN ,

Techniques that can be used in any situation

I bought this book on the recommendation of a colleague who is always thinking "outside the box" so I knew it would be good. I wasn't disappointed. In fact, I found it extremely enlightening. As a nurse, I must deal with patients, families, physicians and many stressed-out coworkers. The author teaches a multitude of techniques that can be used when dealing with almost any difficult person. From your spouse, teenagers, boss or even an antagonistic coworker, Dr. Goulston covers it. The book has already helped me in dealing with my teenage son and a coworker with whom I have had a long-standing difficult relationship. I actually purchased the hardcover to keep at work so I could flip to a particular chapter whenever the need arose. I would definitely recommend this book, both as an audiobook and paper version.

terrifictomm ,

Worth Much, Much More Than It's Peice

Just Listen is a tremendous resource for anyone trying to navigate the labyrinth of relationship feelings and expectations. Dr. Goulston's writing is clear and concise and his stories and points are easy to follow. I have read this book from the library but have recently discovered how valuable it can be to hear such books read aloud. It's almost like your in a classroom being taught instead of inside your head trying to absorb abstract information. I am looking forward to listening to this book.

noelnene ,

Just Listen

This audiobook is Fantastic. I listen to it over and over again. Dr. Goulston guides you through many scenerios in life and explains how to handle difficult people and situations. Not only does he show you how to change the way people think in the workplace, but also how to manage personal relationships. It is an invaluable tool when it comes to getting through to anyone.

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