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You are about to discover how to put your sex life on rocket fuel by infusing a blend of lust, passion, excitement and orgasm-inducing Kama Sutra sex positions, Tantric massage, dirty talk and the libido of emperor penguins or rabbits! 

Sex is the invisible glue that keeps partners in a romantic relationship happy and fulfilled. But if it is absent, all manner of problems start creeping in. I know you know all that!

And the reason you are here is perhaps because you’ve started seeing signs of a downward spiral in your sex life and want to put a stop to it before “sexless-ness” starts affecting your relationship negatively. Or maybe your sex life is great and want to take preventive measures to keep the passion, fun, excitement, fulfillment, and orgasms coming thanks to an exciting sex life.

What do you do?
Is there a secret to a great sex life?
And if so, what’s the secret?

Well, the secret is variety in sex positions coupled with knowing your partner, lots of intimate non-penetrative sexual contact served with high levels of libido.

And this book will show you exactly how to have a blend of all that!

I know you are wondering:

What new positions can you have use to spice up your sex life?
What can you do to add fun and excitement in your sex life when sex already feels like a chore?
How can you make yourselves hornier so that you can romp anywhere any time?
What ways can you have a good time without necessarily having penetrative sex?
How can you make your sessions longer and more intimate?
How do you unlock your wildest fantasies that will get you hornier than you’ve ever been?

If you have these and other related questions, this book is for you! It covers everything you need to do to boost your sex life!

More precisely, the book will teach you: 

An introduction to Kama Sutra
How sexuality and spirituality intertwine in Tantra
How to get in the mood for sex, keep it in your mind and get it going
How to set up the scene to encourage the mood for sex and get your body ready for sex
How to give sensual massages and kiss your partner in the right places to unlock their erotic zones
How to master the art of lovemaking in a way that keeps the fire burning for toe curling, numbing and body shaking orgasms
Fun and interesting sex positions that will spice up your sex life to stop it from being boring while guaranteeing deep penetration and powerful orgasms
Tantric lovemaking 101, including Tantric sex positions that will catapult your sexual pleasure to new heights
How to improve your orgasm control like a Zen master
When and how to introduce toys to your sex life to make your sex life fun, lustful, and orgasm-filled
When to start taking supplements for grow your horniness, increase your stamina, stop cumming too fast, and boost your erections
How to make sex magical by using intention and engaging in group sex
How to practice safe sex and oral sex
And much more...

Nikki Diamond
hr min
June 2
Mandy Harmon