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Listen and unlock your power with private coaching sessions that will take your life, work, and relationships to the next level! 

Want more out of life? You're not alone. And best-selling author Mel Robbins is here to help with no-b******t life and business advice that you won't get anywhere else. This follow-up to The 5-Second Rule - available only in audio - takes the classic talk-show format and elevates it to a premium audio experience. Listen to private coaching sessions between the celebrated motivational speaker and people like you - people who want better relationships, to be healthier and more productive, to get unstuck from the destructive habits holding them back, and to take action on their dreams. Packed with simple yet transformative tools, you can hear Kick Ass with Mel Robbins one session at a time or binge on them all. As brilliant and inspiring as she is entertaining, Mel Robbins will empower you to live the kick-ass life that's been waiting for you. 

**This product features adult language and themes**

Mel Robbins
hr min
May 8
Audible Original

Customer Reviews

Emily2233 ,

Inspiring, moving, funny, useful

I couldn't stop listening! I laughed, I cried, I saw myself in every single person Mel spoke with. I learned so much about myself and about how I hold myself back. I recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their life. Thank you Mel, there better be 8 more episodes coming!

AJ Armour ,

Wish It Had More Coverage for Business Related Coaching/Inspiration

I love Mel Robbins and have read multiple books and I revert back to her YouTube videos regularly for inspiration and motivation, but the coaching she provides in this book is really geared more to personal coaching and lacked the correlation to business I was seeking. I get that the two can be tightly intertwined, but there were coaching sessions on weight management, quitting smoking and procrastination that just were not in alignment for why I bought the audiobook. I think this will be a great motivator for many people stuck in personal cycles of unproductivity, but if you are searching for business perspective, motivation or inspiring stories for start-ups, this may not hit the mark for you.

Bridgettaly ,


I’ve read quite a few self help books. This one really motivated and inspired me.

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