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“The world has a way of defining you if you don’t know who you are before you get out there.” —Candace Cameron Bure

As a woman in today’s world, you know what it’s like to feel pressure on all sides from clashing cultural expectations. How can you stay true to who God has uniquely created you to be in the face of the script you’ve been given? What’s more, how can you stand your ground with grace?

The classy confidence you know and love—whether it’s on set at Full House or Fuller House, Dancing with the Stars, The View, or Candace’s Hallmark films—is no act. But it hasn’t come easy. In fact, learning to stay true to herself with grace has been one of the biggest fights of Candace’s life.

The secret, she has learned, is kindness: it’s classy, unexpected, even counter-cultural, and ultimately wins the day.

In Kind Is the New Classy, Candace reveals the thought patterns and practices that have empowered her to stay centered in who she is while practicing radical graciousness toward others. Whether you’re navigating major life choices, questions of calling and career, relationships, or personal goals, this book will show you how to:
Keep your cool under pressureRespond to criticism with graceStay grounded yet go places in lifeStay true to who you are despite the expectations of othersStay centered in what ultimately matters the most
Kind Is the New Classy is your permission to go off-script, to say goodbye to society’s “should’s”, and to step into a new way to flourish as a woman today.

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Candace Bure
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April 24

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lizdala ,

A must read!

Well I am not much of a book reader. To be completely honest, I’ve probably only read five books in my life and I am 40. Kind is the New Classy is probably the fastest book I’ve ever read. I love everything about this book. I loved how Candace opens her heart and speaks the truth. We need more people like her in today’s world. I grew up alongside Candace and always admired and respected her. Not only did I get this book on audible, I also purchased a signed copy as well. I highly recommend this book, it is very inspirational!

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