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Good and evil clash.

Leinad and Cedric are determined to not only survive, but claim hope and victory! In Kingdom's Dawn, Leinad and Tess, along with all the king's people, must escape slavery by the powerful Lord Fairos. Kingdom's Hope finds them free and arriving in the Chessington Valley . But when they forget the king, will Kergon and the Kessons capture them for good?

After many years, Kingdom's Edge finds Cedric living a hopeless life until a stranger appears with powerful words of a new kingdom and a grand army. Finally, Kingdom's Reign marches you through the danger of earth's last days as the evil dark knight threatens to defeat the prince once and for all.

Swords, knights, and battles define these captivating tales that parallel biblical events from Genesis to Revelation! Fierce castle lords hold the kingdom hostage. But a champion is coming. Fairos thought he had sentenced Leinad to death in the Banteen desert. But he was wrong. Leinad survived.

Now, trained by the King himself, Leinad returns, a true Knight of the King. His skill with the sword is unmatched this side of the Great Sea; his resolve is unshakeable. He is determined to fulfill the mission given him by the King and to free the people from their bondage to Lord Fairos. Leinad's quest takes him from the chains of slavery, near the jaws of dragons, and close to the arms of love. And when the rest of the kingdom turns away from the King and the Code, Leinad turns to his most faithful ally, Tess.

With her help, Leinad struggles to conquer his own doubt. But he must do so soon, for the King's archenemy, the Dark Knight, is about to unleash his entire evil force, and only Leinad can stop them.

Journey to Arrethtrae, where the King and His Son implement a bold plan to save their kingdom; where courage, faith, and loyalty stand tall in the face of opposition; where good will not bow to evil; where the future of the kingdom is at the threshold of either victory or defeat - one man holds the key...

Book 2 in the Kingdom series.

©2006 Chuck Black; (P)2008 Oasis Audio

Kids & Young Adults
Andy Turvey
hr min
April 1
Oasis Audio

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Great Book! ,

Great Audio Series

Incredible audio book that keeps you engaged every moment. As you listen to many familiar stories intertwined into a great epic, you will find yourself relating to many of the main characters..."Who am I to be chosen by the King?"
The audio series is great for road trips! On the road, after you run into a gas station for a quick break, you will find yourself hopping back into your car quickly to continue listening to Kindom Series. I can hardly wait to continue with the next book.

beckaxlynn ,

Kingdoms Hope

I was very upset by your company, again. When I bought this product it downloaded, but when it was done, I couldn't find it.

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