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Stone Barrington is back in this thrilling new page-turner from the perennially entertaining New York Times-bestselling author.

Stone Barrington is back in New York, and after a rather harrowing sojourn in Key West, he's looking to stay closer to home and work on some simple divorce and custody cases for Woodman & Weld. But when he crosses paths with a fetching Broadway actress-and sometime lip model- Stone gets a little more deeply involved with business than he'd expected. When his new lady love turns out to be a lady with a shady past, Stone and downtown cop Dino Bacchetti realize that her beauty may have an unusually high price. . . .

Tony Roberts
hr min
January 19
Penguin Audio

Customer Reviews

Capt. H ,

Thumbs Down

This was not one of Woods better efforts. The story lacked balance. Too much sexual escapades too little plot. The reader made it bearable. Tony Roberts was excellent as usual.

Chip Stride ,

Kisser Off

I have always enjoyed the Stone Barrington Novels. This one however was a let down. Essentially Mr. Woods has elected to offer us a story that chronicles Stone's sex life with a number of women he happens to meet along the way and a couple of boring story lines wind in and out of this background. The characters unique to this chapter of the Barrington Novels were unappealing and at no point did I embrace any of them or care what happened to them. The ending was lackluster as was the way in which each of the character's story lines were resolved. This book felt like it was written out of contractual obligation not out of a love for the character or to present a cogent, compelling story idea. The readers and Stone desrve a better effort than this.

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