Lady Be Bad (Unabridged‪)‬

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The Lady Was Determined to Get Her Man and Answers

When the invitation arrived, Marlayna O'Brian was stunned. There was her ex-husband's name attached to both an engagement announcement and the opening of Kingman Castle, Jorstadt Island, in the St. Lawrence.

Noah Drake walked out of her life without a word - just divorce papers. She wanted answers and he was the only man who could provide them.

When Marlayna RSVP'd she had only one aim in mind: to be in Noah's arms again - no matter what she had to do to get there.

She gave him fair warning: "Seduction is the plan for today. Keep on your toes, Mr. Drake. You never know when or where I'm going to strike!"

Jill Arehart
hr min
February 4
Elaine Raco Chase

Customer Reviews

glhince ,

dialogue that is both real and in some places, blindingly poignant

Anyone who has followed this blog understands that I am a fan of Elaine Raco Chase’s writing – particularly her dialogue: there are few who write dialogue as well, that feels as natural and realistic. In Lady Be Bad she continues to produce dialogue that is both real and in some places, blindingly poignant.

In this story, Chase has mixed up the expectations for the reader: taking a story that starts with the heartbreak of love lost and focuses on Marlayna as she regroups and redirects her life, finding success although no answers in the life she built for herself after running from Atlanta after an unexpected divorce. Putting her best face forward, literally and figuratively, her modelling contract for a leading cosmetics company has her living comfortably if not entirely happily.

Invited to a weekend party to celebrate the cosmetic company owner’s daughter’s engagement was a ‘must appear’ for Marlayna: even though the proposed son in law was her ex-husband, Noah.
Now Noah was easy to dislike. Granted his reasoning for leaving Marlayna and not providing an answer was misguided selfishness, but his utter dishonesty towards his new, young and very immature fiancé was horrible. And even though his feelings for Marlayna are wholly apparent in word and description, any man who would remain silent as his fiancé explains that his “liking me is enough, I can live with that, I know you don’t love me”, is despicable.

Both Noah and Marlayna are beautifully portrayed, with decided development and growth for both as they face their past, their feelings and they hope for a future. The sexual tension and chemistry is apparent, even after all the years apart. The narration of Jill Arehart clearly delineates the underlying emotional state of the characters, from the immature tone and stridency, to frustration, playful teasing and flirting and even despair, without over-reaching in either tone or inflection.

This is a romance that is loaded with nuanced characters set within a story of love lost and regained, guaranteed to put a smile on your face by the end. Take some time to lose yourself and listen. You will not be disappointed.

I received a copy of the audiobook from the author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.