Lake Of Sins: Betrayed Lake Of Sins: Betrayed

Lake Of Sins: Betrayed

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    • $9.99

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This is an Apple Books audiobook narrated by a digital voice based on a human narrator.

War is coming to the forests of the Lake of Sins.

Hugh has to figure out how to win this war when there are dangers everywhere—the River-Men, the Protective Services, the Brush-Men, Cold Creepers (just to name a few). Plus, he's going to have to break his word to Trinity or Meesus, maybe both, and that'll go over about as well as a hungry Tracker in a kindergarten class.

Trinity is tired of Hugh not including her in his war sessions. She's an asset to the Allied Classes and he needs to realize that, but before she confronts him she must choose between her attraction to Hugh and her feelings for Jethro. Hopefully, she can do that before hurting either of them and before her big heart gets her in trouble as Mirra predicted.

Jethro is changing. He's now travelling with the Protective Services and it's like he was born to live in the forest—to hunt, to chase, to kill. As the wild in his blood grows stronger, he's torn between what he was raised to believe and his growing desire for Trinity. After each battle, he wants to mate and the person he wants to mate with is Trinity. When his blood is roaring through his body, it doesn't matter that she isn't an Almighty. It doesn't matter that interclass relations are wrong. All that matters is that he possess her.

As the hunt for the Allied Classes heats up, battles between the Protective Services and the forest predators spiral out of control, pushing Jethro to the edge of his humanity.

More battles and more betrayals in book four of the dystopian, genetic engineering fantasy series.

Apple Books
hr min
July 12
L. S. O'Dea