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When college basketball teams make it to the NCAA tournament, they say they're "going to the dance". John Feinstein's riveting new book is the story of the last dance: the Final Four. There is no event in sports quite like it. The Final Four draws millions to their televisions and thousands to a chosen city; attendance is topped only by the Super Bowl. It is the epicenter of sports madness, a circus of media, coaches, and fans swirling around the four teams talented enough to have made it to the end.

Tracking the four teams in 2005's Final Four, Michigan State's Spartans, the University of Louisville's Cardinals, the University of Illinois's Fighting Illini, and the University of North Carolina's Tar Heels, John Feinstein tells the story of a definitive and dramatic tournament. Here are the stories of UCLA's John Wooden, UNC's Dean Smith, and Duke's Mike Krzyzewski, telling of Final Four dynasties that defined the sport. Here are great players like Bill Bradley, Michael Jordan, Christian Laettner, and Sean May, who thought they'd never make it to college basketball's final weekend. Here are the late nights at the coaches' hotel, where careers are advanced (or not). Here are the players in the 2005 Final Four trying to practice, eat, rest, and play, knowing that they will be remembered by these games for the rest of their lives.

Sports & Outdoors
Arnie Mazer, Sean Runnette
hr min
January 30
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Customer Reviews

PE4U ,

Another informative book by Feinstein!

I am new to the audibook experience and was pleasantly suprised with my adventure. The Last Dance was very insightful and informative. Mr. Feinstein is an excellent author and this book is no exception. The narrators do a nice job of presenting " the feeling" of the book and the three hours made my flight feel that much easier. I would love to hear actual players or coaches comments in an audiobook. That is the only reason this doesn't get a five star rating for me.

supdanielleee ,

feinstein, again an amazing book

this guy is the #1 sports writer, who also writes amazing basketball stories. check out a couple others: let me tell you a story, a tale about red auerbach, and the punch, about the kermit washington- rudy tomyonavich fight



I like Feinstein (loved "The Last Amateurs"), but this book was disjointed, repetitive and not particularly insightful. I was expecting "behind the scenes" information and instead mostly got recaps of games I was already familiar with.

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