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Tainted water and brainwashed adults…. what’s an awkward 17-year-old to do? Sierra Mendez gathers her friends to stop a powerful entity from replacing the town residents with androids bent on humanity’s demise.

"Kaptanoglu offers an inclusive cast, a plot that allows for tension and tragedy as well as personal growth, and an adventure for our modern times." -Publishers Weekly

"Absolutely riveting." --Midwest Book Review 

"Fast-paced, entertaining, and exciting, with a fresh, believable voice." --Kirkus Reviews

Kids & Young Adults
Shaina Summerville
hr min
June 15
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Customer Reviews

TheKC7 ,

Amazing book!

This book what absolutely amazing no matter what happens something seems to catch your eye! I loved this book

Rzared ,


It’s not appropriate for kids. Not okay the genre should be adults. Sexual harassment, sexual assault, cursing. Not okay for kids. :)

rhyan elise ,

T’was good.

3-4 ⭐️
This book was interesting in the very least. Sort of a blend of lots of different sci-fi components and ‘twists’. In a way it seemed like the author wanted to include every theme and sub-plot possible, but it didn’t go terribly. It just winds up making it sort of difficult to remember what all this books was about, because I keep tracking it back to 50 other books and movies I’ve read/seen. The characters and main plot itself are also just kind of pulled from every other “teen & apocalypse” out there.
Altogether though, it isn’t a terrible read. The writing was alright and mostly solid, the story was engaging enough. Despite being mostly stereotypical for the genre, it passed time quite nicely and was entertaining.

The audio was alright, slightly nasally, and the best friend voice was high pitch and annoying after a while.

3-4⭐️ due mostly to the fact that it didn’t seem the most original. But, as I said, it was entertaining. I listened to it on iBooks and it wasn’t at all difficult to finish.

**spoilers ensue from this point** (not huge ones, but stuff that wanted to mention.
You’ve been warned.) 🙂
—the end wasn’t really climactic I don’t think. It wasn’t flat exactly, but wasn’t “oh my gosh the ending what’s happening?!?!” either. You know it’s coming (I mean, a lot of the time you do, of course, but) it was just... I don’t know, meh? It was kind of obvious what was going to happen. I don’t know if that was just me.
—the whole love interest(s) was messy and silly. It was like the author already had the male character and the best friend, decided they were going to be together, then randomly decided halfway through to kill one dude and switch the best friend’s boyfriend to the main character. It was weird. And silly. (I could’ve done without Randy and Sierra being together and lived a full, long, and happy life. Ben and the best friend girl worked together though. Randy and Sierra didn’t even have any sort of chemistry, and she only started paying attention to him after the other dude but the bullet. But I digress.)
—it doesnt pull off the whole “let’s put everything possible into one book” thing too badly. Did I say that already? Idr. It could’ve been way, and I mean way bad there, but it wasn’t, so kudos to author.
—okay amounts of empowerment. Teenagers left alone at the end of the world figuring their own way through it, learning. The theme was there without being overly there. T’was good.
—the police chief dude was just over, however. I understand he was supposed to be how he was, I get his point, but it was just overdone. By a lot.

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