Laura's Healing Journey: The Laura (Kidd) Payne Story Laura's Healing Journey: The Laura (Kidd) Payne Story

Laura's Healing Journey: The Laura (Kidd) Payne Story

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    • $9.99

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The symptoms were not pleasant, and with no health insurance, she had tried to deal with them on her own.  But it finally reached a point where she believed she needed to see a doctor. In August of 2015 she received the diagnosis.  My phone rang and when I answered, she said, with her voice breaking, “Dad, it’s cancer. I have cancer.”  I felt like the bottom dropped out and I was falling.  But doing what we always did in our home, we rallied the troops, assessed the situation, and began to research and learn what we could do to fight this wicked invader.  Mayo Clinic confirmed the diagnosis, and she was at Stage Four already, and the prognosis was months.  And so began Laura’s Healing Journey.  Meeting the love of her life and getting married, while on hospice, the path forward took her to CHIPSA Hospital in Tijuana, and a miraculous healing began.  But the battle wasn’t over.  The enemy looked and found the chink in the armor and began to gain ground.   Through it all she and her new husband, Cody, believed in Yahweh, the God of the Bible, and His Son, Jesus, or Yeshua, in Hebrew.  Her journey became their journey, and on the way, they impacted many lives with their testimony of faith.  This is a story of faith in the face of the flawed human condition, under the curse from the garden. Well-meaning people who want to help but can’t.  An arrogant western approach to healing that is cold and cruel.  And then a politicized pandemic.  Covid came and shut down every avenue of treatment as the world seemed to collectively lose its mind.  This is the story of Laura’s Healing Journey, The Laura Kidd Payne Story.

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