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The Learn in Your Car language series is the first system ever designed to teach a language in your car...or anywhere...without a textbook. Simple and effective, you can learn to converse in another language while driving, walking, or doing tasks around the house. And now with Learn in Your Car from audible.com®, you can turn your PC, your Rio, or any mobile device into your own personal language tutor.

Each course is organized the way you learn best - by learning words and phrases - and building these into sentences and clear conversations. Arrange hotel accommodations, order in restaurants, change money, and feel more at home next time you travel!

The Learn in Your Car language series is:
Easy to use without a textbook
Prepared by dialect-free professionals
Available in levels for students of all abilities
Designed to teach grammar basics through recorded examples
Level 1 offers an introduction to key words, numbers, phrases, sentence structure, and basic grammar.
Level 2 teaches more challenging vocabulary, additional grammar, and targeted sentences designed to generate confidence in your ability to comprehend and converse.
Level 3 presents expanded vocabulary, advanced grammar, and more detailed sentences to extend your conversational skills.

Henry N. Raymond
hr min
April 27
Penton Overseas, Inc.

Customer Reviews

lexiophile ,


This was horrible! I forgot how to say "hello" after about 25 seconds. I think it would be much better to have a real person teach you, because I am taking a Japanese class right now, and it's so much easier to learn than this recording. I hope this helped you. Goodbye! さようなら! Sayonara!

Le Oso ,


I listened to this and seriously, it's horrible. there is no in context lessons and even practice. It's seriously just someone reading vocab to you. There is no help with pronunciation or anything of that matter. It's extremely hard to learn from listening to this tape. Horrible!

H. Ray ,

Want my money back

This is literally 3 hours of someone reading words twice without context or practice phrases - buy ANYONE else's program.
This seemed like a good idea - "learn in your car". But if you buy this, the lesson you learn is that you can blow good money buying a product that, frankly, doesn't teach. I've studied several languages in undergraduate and graduate school, and this program sounds like a textbook aide, not a legitimate language course.

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