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If you have always wanted to learn Khmer quickly but find it too overwhelming or complicated then keep reading...

Khmer is a fun language to learn, the problem is most learning materials are costly and make language learning too complicated. They start of good but then advance too quickly. Just like those dreaded language classes in school. The result, nothing sinks in, you become overwhelmed, and eventually give up.

We know learning a foreign language isn’t easy, it challenges both your brain and your time. Learning new concepts and setting aside time for your learning can be difficult. And if you’re studying with bad material you can end up getting stuck more than necessary, which isn’t fun.

Most students feel to start learning a language you simply need to start. That’s true but it’s better to first find the right resources to help you progress smoothly. Otherwise it can be a real motivation killer.

If these are problems you’ve faced, don’t worry we’re here for you. The days of difficult learning are long gone!

We’ve created this audiobook which aims to make language learning simple. We teach you language patterns and grammar structures which can be used to form your own sentences. Instead of set phrases, which aren’t very practical.

No more complex learning! We keep it simple topic to topic and help you progress through Khmer smoothly. Starting with greetings, moving to introductions, small talk and then conversations. From the very beginning you’ll be learning how to speak Khmer. And before you know it you’ll be speaking like a boss!

In this audiobook you will discover:

Simple and smooth approach to Khmer with topics that slowly build on each other. You won’t need another grammar book after you’ve begun listening to this one!
Learn how to form your own sentences instead of just set phrases, allowing you to have longer more fun conversations.
Essential vocabulary section with some of the most common words in Khmer. You’ll definitely find this useful!
Totally written in romanji (English characters), we leave the reading and writing of Khmer behind and solely focus on getting you to a conversational speaking level.
Even if you’ve struggled to learn Khmer for years and years, this audiobook gives you the missing piece you need towards your fluency journey.

So if you want to learn Khmer fast and painlessly, get this audiobook today.

Diane Robinson
hr min
March 2
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