Learning at 40: Lakeside Cottage, Book 2 (Unabridged‪)‬

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She didn’t want a one-night stand. He couldn’t promise more than a 10-day fling. Sometimes compromise is all you need.

Zack Weller is timely, orderly, and meticulous. Too bad his seven-year-old twin sons are hellions. With his divorce final, a two-week vacation beckons him to his best friend’s cottage. Unfortunately, he can’t help the magnetic pull of memories from the house next door - the one that was once his childhood home - or fight the force of nature in the naked woman sunbathing in that backyard.

River Nagle is a free spirit. She understands the trials and tribulations some people face and offers the compassion to deal with them head-on. When she inherits a lakeside home, she takes the blessing for what it’s worth: a gift and a new beginning. Until one day two little boys make themselves at home in the tree fort in her backyard and she meets their hot, growly dad, who steals her wine, her time, and her heart.

Newly divorced, single father grump meets a ray-of-sunshine next-door neighbor in this small-town second-chance romance where learning to love over 40 works with the right teacher.

Welcome back to Lakeside Cottage.

Stephen Dexter, Stephanie Nemeth-Parker
hr min
October 5
L.B. Dunbar Writes, Ltd.

Customer Reviews

Shy G1 ,

My Thoughts on Learning at 40

I’m really enjoying this L.B. Dunbar series featuring a group of friends finding love either for the first time or finding it again at 40. While the books have a bit of sadness in them stemming from things that happened in the first book, they’re still enjoyable overall. I really liked the FMC in this one. River had a huge heart and was just so kind and caring I don’t know how us readers could do anything but love her. Zack was likable at first, but definitely had some rough edges that River needed to help him smooth out. By the end he’d grown on me more. I liked that he was the single dad of twin boys and that they had such different but great personalities themselves. And I liked seeing Zack’s relationship with his boys develop as the story progressed.

The narrators were really good for this one too. I haven’t heard much from either of them but I was very happy with their performances and different tones for the many different characters. I wouldn’t mind hearing either of them again in future.

Xiaguan2014 ,

This series is so real!

This series makes you stop and smell the roses. Life is HARD and we tend to make it harder on ourselves. LB Dunbar has gift of making all the noise settle into a beautiful melody.

The narrator has a fabulous voice and makes the story comes to life.

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