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Growing up a military brat and spending eight years overseas with the Army Medical Corps, clinical social worker, Willa Smith, has had enough of rules and regulations. Still able to work with veterans as she did at the VA Hospital, she is much happier at the new and far more relaxed South Avenue Shelter, until one of its residents is implicated in a murder.

Former military turned security operative, Dimas Mazur, has worked for PASS security, his brother’s company, since he returned stateside after a disabling injury. The job keeps him busy, but when a homeless veteran he knows runs into trouble with the law, he doesn’t hesitate to jump in. The strong-headed counselor at the shelter where his friend stayed is an unexpected bonus.

Until she puts herself square in the sights of the man he’s trying to take down.

Tanya Eby
hr min
June 14
Freya Barker

Customer Reviews

dr_existential ,

Freya is definitely a One-Click author. I don't ever read the blurbs; I just dive in.

Book 2 of the series and we learn more about Dimas brother to Yanis, owner of PASS security. Dimas is former special forces that had to leave due to an injury & now works as a security specialist. He and Yanis had crazy hippie parents who became the reason why both guys needed structure and purpose after their laissez-faire upbringing.

Willia was a military brat and now clinical social worker after being part of the Army Medical Corp for 8 years. Like all of us in social services, she got burnt out on policy and regulations, not the work. She ended up working for a shelter and loved every day of work; truly helping those in need.

These two characters were strong, had a good sense of right and wrong, loved their crazy families, and we're decent people with histories to overcome.

What I love most about Freya’s books is that the characters are realistic. Nothing tougher than being a social worker who helps military vets. Nothing more real than getting swept up in things and making a bad choice.

Freya’s books have it all: disease. Mental health issues. Feelings. Betrayals. Happy endings. Her books are ones I can share with my 80 year old mom who loves a romance just as much as I do.

You cannot go wrong with this series. And Tanya and Tor just round out this production of the book. Do yourself a favor and grab this one up. My fav book on this series is #4.

Thanks Freya for the chance at this ARC and the opportunity to review it.

~Mindy Lou~ ,

So good!!

I’m so in love with these main characters this author always brings us. They are older, 39/41 and bring a maturity to the book I crave. You don’t find silly games being played and while they are still human and flawed, they do react to miss understanding and drama better. They stand out amongst all those 20 year old characters in other books.

Willa is a heroine I really enjoyed. I could completely relate to her view point when it came to relationships, but I also liked how she opened up to the possibility when the right guy came along. She struggles but she didn’t shove away completely. I liked her level head and her compassion for others.

Dimas did take a a bit in the beginning to win me over. It didn’t take him long to prove that Willa was different for him and how good he could be for her. That is ultimately what I need to see to really get behind a hero. He turned out to be very protective, and a he spoiled her. I just love it when a guy spoils his girl.

The plot of the book was equally as exciting. It was unique and has you on edge a lot through this book. Overall, I loved it and I can’t wait for the next in the series!

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