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The subject of the book of Ephesians is the church. There are seven aspects of the church revealed in Ephesians. The church is the Body, the new man, the kingdom, the family, the dwelling place, the bride, and the warrior. If we put together all these seven aspects of the church, we see a wonderful picture of the church as the Body to express Christ, as the new man taking Christ as the person, as the kingdom with rights and responsibilities, as the family with life and enjoyment, as God’s dwelling place for God to live in, as the bride for Christ’s satisfaction, and as the warrior for fighting the battle and defeating the enemy so that God can accomplish his eternal purpose. This is the church.

The Life-Study of Ephesians also gives a clear view of the contents of the book of Ephesians. In chapter one of Ephesians we have the blessings: God’s selection, predestination, sonship, holiness, redemption, sealing, pledging, and much more. Then we shall see the prayer of the Apostle for a spirit of wisdom and revelation to know the hope of God’s calling, to see the glory of God’s inheritance among his saints, and to realize the greatness of the power that has been wrought in Christ to produce the Body. Then in Chapter Two, we see the production of the church, the nature of the church, the vision of the church, the building of the church, and the function of the church. 

In Chapter Three, we see the revelation of the mystery and the ministry of the stewardship concerning the church. Following this, we see Paul’s prayer for the strengthening of our inner man, so that Christ may make his home in our heart, that we might be filled with all the fullness of God. This causes us to have the practical experience of Christ. Then, as revealed in the last three chapters, we shall know how to walk on earth, to bear responsibility, and to fight the battle for God’s purpose. This is the content of the book of Ephesians.

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