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There is no shortage of books on the market that offer all the information to become a pro in using the Linux operating system. Some claim to have the key to feed everything into your brain in a single read, while others pretend to have grasped all the possible commands and programs available for Linux.

But do they appeal to intelligent person? No, they just fail to make a mark on the brains of smart computer users who want more practical information rather than theory. Most books are based on mere theoretical information rather than practical exercises, which becomes their weakness when it comes to being popular among readers.

This audiobook doesn’t promise to make you a Linux expert in 24 hours - rather it tends to put you on the right track by helping you understand what a Command Line Interface (CLI) is and how it differs from the Graphical User Interface (GUI). You will be able to learn the shell system and how much control you can have over your computer.

Let’s take a look what this audiobook has to offer:

Basic commands about file navigation and similar tasks
Command line exercises with solutions
An overview of system configuration and Linux environment
Analysis of Linux environment variables
The basics of shell scripting
Advanced level shell scripting that is used to write programs

This audiobook offers you the opportunity to try and test different commands in a real Linux environment. It will help you get started with the Linux environment by educating you on basic commands.

The world is changing and so is the basic approach of human beings toward technology. As the tech world gains steam, so should the users.

Linux is the best alternative as a well-protected operating system. Linux Command Line: Beginners Guide to Learn Linux Commands and Shell Scripting is the one handy tool to learn Linux in a short timeframe.

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Peter Prova
hr min
October 31
David A. Williams