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New York Times Book Review • The New Yorker • Entertainment Weekly • Time • Washington Post • San Francisco Chronicle • Chicago Tribune • Christian Science Monitor • Slate • St. Louise Post-Dispatch • Cleveland Plain Dealer • Seattle Times • NBCC Award Finalist

Mary Karr’s unforgettable sequel to her beloved and bestselling memoirs The Liars’ Club and Cherry “lassos you, hogties your emotions and won’t let you go” (Michiko Kakutani, New York Times).

Lit is about getting drunk and getting sober; becoming a mother by letting go of a mother; learning to write by learning to live. Written with Karr's relentless honesty, unflinching self-scrutiny, and irreverent, lacerating humor, it is a truly electrifying story of how to grow up—as only Mary Karr can tell it.

The Boston Globe calls Lit a book that “reminds us not only how compelling personal stories can be, but how, in the hands of a master, they can transmute into the highest art." The New York Times Book Review calls it “a master class on the art of the memoir” and Susan Cheever states, simply, that Lit is “the best book about being a woman in America I have read in years."

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Mary Karr
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January 26

Customer Reviews

JL Anderson ,

A life-changing experience

I cannot even express how incredibly moving it was to hear Mary Karr read her own memoir of some of the toughest parts of her life. She doesn't come off as "self-helpy" or as "preachy" or even as in blind praise of AA.

Frankly, I'm not sure how she pulled off reading some of the tough parts aloud without bawling. I'm so glad this was unabridged, because we got to hear all her thoughts and struggles. The whole chapter on how she went back to small-town Colorado with her sister--just to confirm that she and her sister's horrible memories of that time in their lives were real--just shows so eloquently why it was important that she put her life back together--so she could form real, meaningful and long-lasting connections with her family. If you don't cry while listening to her read this section--you have no soul!

Anyone with a troubled childhood should listen to this--she explains how she put her life together, piece by piece, and how nothing ever is easy--even after you think you've got things all figured out. She writes with such a good sense of humor and with such humility. It's cliche to say, but this book will change how you think about your life. Apparently, she had a huge struggle writing it and felt like she wanted to give up several times. I so glad she didn't!

It will definitely help if you have read her other two memoirs first--if not, go there first. Then save this for last. You will not be disappointed.

FearlessDoctorK ,

revelations of a surviving soul

What a mesmerizing, generous and gripping narrative. This soulful work is delivered in the author's own telling, true voice. The story moves at a thriller's pace, but the echoes of its beautifully-crafted sentences of meaning resonate long after the tale's end. (God, I feel sorry for the people this incredible woman left behind.)

Shannonlee2468 ,


This book was recommended to me by my sister-in-law as an excellent read. I've been listening to a lot of audiobooks lately, so I figured I'd purchase this one as well. It was rather pricey at $23.95, but since it came so highly recommended, I purchased the audiobook.

Well, I have to say the price is the ONLY reason I suffered through this book! I kept waiting for it to get better, but it never did. The biggest reason, though that I found this audiobook so painful is the author's reading style, or lack thereof! I realize that the author should be the one to read his or her own memoir, however, this is clearly a case where she should have hired a professional. This was absolutely the WORST reading I've ever heard!

I hate to be so harsh, but listening to this book, I felt so strongly about it that I could not wait to write a review, hopefully to deter the next listener. I'm sure I would have had a different opinion had I simply read the hard copy as the story does have potential to be great.

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