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Can a little black dress change everything in her life?

Magazine editor Jane Avery spends her nights alone with Netflix and Oreos--until the Dress turns her loose. Suddenly she's surrendering to dark desires, and New York City has become her erotic playground. But what began as a fantasy will go too far . . . and her next conquest could be her last.

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Mysteries & Thrillers
Helen Wick
hr min
July 5
Hachette Audio

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glhince ,

cliched, trite and unfocused. Narrator is the highlight

AudioBook Review
Stars: Overall 1 Narration 4 Story 1

Firstly, I’m not sure just what this book hoped to become – erotic, romance, suspense or thriller. It didn’t work for any, really. The main character, Jane, is an editor and spends most of her off-time watching films and snacking on oreos. Who am I to judge, when I spend every free moment reading? Then she finds a dress, THE dress – a little black dress that gives her the guts to change her life.

So, there’s a bit of magical thinking, and I’m happily rolling along (if tiring of clichés already) when… WHAM… man one. Handsome, well-built, rich, self-confident and interested in her. OK – perhaps there is some growth in a relationship, maybe I’ll find the tension or a twist…. Nope. Man two, then three…and well, I’m frustrated, tired of the lack of purpose or development, the wooden cut outs posing as new characters and the utter lack of development for Jane.

Still I soldier on through most (at least 75% of the story) with endless repeated scenes where only the names stand a chance of evolving and oops, we need a twist – or something has to happen.

Suffice it to say that this first foray into the BookShots was less than satisfactory.

Narration for this was provided by Helen Wick, and I actually want to congratulate her on her determination to stick it out. With not much notable character development, or even action that didn’t first qualify as clichéd, her presentation was clear, her delivery successful. By far the highlight of this title until the end.

I received an audiobook copy of the title from Hachette Audio for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions and expectations are my own responsibility.

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