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Follow along as Paul Richards takes listeners on an exciting journey through the possibilities of live streaming for business. Whether you’re interested in live streaming or have already established your live streaming show and need some advice for taking your business to the next level, StreamGeeks has the knowledge, experience to help you reach your fullest potential.

This audiobook takes place over the course of three years, in which time, Richards builds a team capable of leveraging the awesome power of live streaming for brand awareness, lead generation, and social media influence. Having produced live shows as amateurs themselves, the StreamGeeks steadily worked their way to a professional level by learning from experience as they went. Today, they have an impressive following and a tight knit online community which they serve through video tutorials and live shows that continue to inspire, motivate, and inform business owners who refuse to settle for mediocrity.

Discover all the "ah ha" moments, Paul and his self-proclaimed team of "StreamGeeks" uncover on their mission to demystify the world of live streaming. This audiobook is the ideal starting place for anyone who wants to take their business's lead generation process to the next level. Richards outlines real-world strategies for successful video marketing on both Facebook and YouTube, the internets Blue and Red giants. Learn how to generate hundreds of inbound marketing leads with the industries most attractive medium: live video.

Live Streaming Is Smart Marketing was written to further assist live streamers like you in their business marketing efforts and even the little details (like setting up an efficient studio). Whether you’re new to the industry or established and seeking exponential growth, StreamGeeks knows exactly what it feels like to be where you are right now and they believe in spreading the love to help others reach the level of success they have attained. It’s not just about content and equipment. It’s not even about a good host or creative ideas. Your success really depends on how well you market yourself and Live Streaming Is Smart Marketing has insider tips on exactly how you can achieve that level of success you’ve been seeking.

This audiobook includes free access to more than 10 video production courses taught by Richards on Udemy. Join over 10,000 others who are currently learning how to produce high-quality video content.

Business & Personal Finance
Paul William Richards
hr min
June 21