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Living a Life of Fire, by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, is the amazing life story of one of the world's most successful promoters of the Christian message. Bonnke's name is known around the world - from Taiwan to Timbuktu, from Cape Town to Calgary - and is synonymous with gigantic gospel campaigns in Africa, where not just thousands or tens of thousands, but hundreds of thousands of people are won to Christ - in a single meeting.

This book is more than simple facts about a preacher's life - it's filled with adventures from the heart of Africa, real-life dramatic stories of people and places that will leave you on the edge of your seat, and powerful demonstrations of the Holy Spirit working in the here and now. Bonnke's life is a model for generations of preachers to come, and his story inspires Christians everywhere to believe for God's maximum.

Biographies & Memoirs
Reinhard Bonnke
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December 23
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Customer Reviews

Joahernan ,

Amazing AudioBook

This book is one of the best books of read! It’s inspiring and filled with the Holy Spirit! What a true amazing man of God

julgut01 ,

A life changing experience - spoke life into me

This general in the army of the Lord, every word he speaks is Jesus the bread of life, I highly recommend this book and the audio book for anyone who wants a fresh perspective on serving the Lord.

This is true revelation on obedience and trust. I listened day and night, and when it was over, I listened again and again. It was like I was there and every time he experienced Jesus so did I...

Powerharp ,

A Must Read

As was previously mentioned, having Bonnke reading the book added much to the experience. It was like being with him throughout his life. After all, it's his auto biography. I recommend this audio book to anyone who is called as an evangelist, interested in knowing more about Bonnke's life and minstry or just wanting to know God personally. You will find Him as you listen to Reinhard share his life. It's long but worth every minute of time spent. Buy it now.

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