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Eckhart Tolle has emerged as one of the finest spiritual teachers of our time. His message is simple yet profound and delivered in such a gentle, humorous way that a vast number of people from diverse backgrounds, traditions, and religions have embraced it. Living a Life of Inner Peace is a recording of one of Eckhart's most moving, transformative talks. The talk is relaxed and funny, and he conveys his message through stories and insightful observation. Eckhart makes us laugh at ourselves— while helping us break through habitual thinking to discover the eternal presence of the Now. When you listen, you discover that something deeper is happening beyond the words being spoken. A field of alert stillness arises where before there was mental noise. You find yourself in what Eckhart calls a state of presence— and it can lead to a dramatic transformation in the way you live your life. For those new to Eckhart’s teachings, this is an ideal introduction. For those familiar with his work, be prepared for something fresh and extraordinary.

Eckhart Tolle
hr min
January 1
New World Library

Customer Reviews

GailinNJ ,


The perfect companion to Tolle's "New Earth" .... these teachings are life altering. A new way to live, a new way to experience joy. At last a way to transcend the mind. CHANGED MY LIFE! THANK YOU!

mikesuarez ,

Living A Life of Inner Peace

This is the best place to start if you are curious about Tolle. While his books are provocative, interesting, and (if you take the time) enlightening, this particular recording is a somewhat entertaining introduction to his thinking. It is a recorded seminar with an audience and his delivery is more personal and sometimes quite funny as a result. He comes across as this diminutive Yoda with a German accent but his ideas about consciousness, identity and spirituality are transfixing in a way that makes the catchy soundbites from the Chopra-like self help crowd seem amateurish and commercial by comparison.

app_whiz ,


I heard Tolle's name mentioned the other day by chance, and chose this as my introduction to his teachings. At first he came off as quirky and endearing. But soon, I began to realize the depth and power of his message. He managed to explain some profound, fundamental concepts ('being in the moment', 'right action' and even 'zen') in a way I was never able to grasp before. With a bit of luck, I may never live my life the same way again.

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