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Juggling two jobs is nothing new for registered nurse, Hillary Glenwood, she’s been doing it for most of her adult life. She has an objective she intends to meet. But, just months before reaching her goal, she witnesses a violent attack outside her apartment that rattles her determination. 

However, her carefully controlled life runs completely off the rails when she recognizes the new neighbor coming to the rescue. 

As a hacker, Radar Jansen hasn’t always used his expertise in the most respectable ways until he came to work for PASS Security. Normally his time is spent behind a computer, but that doesn’t mean his skills end there. 

When—walking his dog one night—he sees a familiar woman rushing into a dangerous situation, his training kicks in.

With Hillary’s safety compromised, the keyboard warrior puts on his real life armor to shield the woman who is fast becoming his only focus.

Simone Gayuma
hr min
February 8
Freya Barker

Customer Reviews

~Mindy Lou~ ,

Loved the narrators!!

One of the best things I love about Freya Barker's books is the realistic approach she writes her couples. Hillary is 36 years old. Radar is 40 years old. They've lived life and have matured. You won't get silly drama, you get nail biting suspense that pulls you right into the book.

In Lock & Load, Hillary and Radar witnesses a woman being beaten by two teenagers. With Radar's occupation at PASS Security and their connections with the police, we get to see the investigation into this murder that leads to a much more.

While the investigation is enough to keep me glued to the pages, we also get the budding relationship of Hillary and Radar. Like most of this author's heroines, Hillary is guarded and it takes some effort on Radar's part to lower the walls she has. Radar isn't immune to his own issues that Hillary has to work through as well.

To me, this is the realty vs. silly drama part of the story. I enjoy seeing this kind of relationship. It's much easier to relate to and I always fall in love with their happy ending. I look forward to more in the series!

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