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Although his father had been reluctant to become a field operative, Jack Ryan Jr. wants nothing more. Privately training with a seasoned Special Forces drill instructor, he's honing his skills to transition his work within The Campus from intelligence analysis to hunting down and eliminating terrorists wherever he can—even as Jack Ryan Sr. campaigns for re-election as President of the United States.

But what neither father nor son knows is that the political and the personal have just become equally dangerous. A devout enemy of Jack Sr. launches a privately funded vendetta to discredit him by connecting the presidential candidate to a mysterious killing in the past by John Clark, his longtime ally.

A shadowy mercenary team is dispatched to capture the former Navy SEAL. With Clark on the run, it’s up to Jack Ryan Jr., along with Ding Chavez, Dominic Caruso, and the rest of the Campus team, to stop a threat emerging in the Middle East: A corrupt Pakistani general has entered into a deadly pact with a fanatical terrorist to procure nuclear warheads, which can be used to blackmail any world power into submission.

With the breakneck speed and military action scenes that have made him the premier thriller writer of our time, Tom Clancy delivers a novel of high-tech warfare in which the enemy within may be even more devastating than the enemy without.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Lou Diamond Phillips
hr min
December 13
Brilliance Audio

Customer Reviews

Thrill13 ,

A little different Clancy

I'm a big TC fan and really enjoyed listening to this one. LDP is surprising excellent and a great narrator choice for this one. This book is fast paced but lacks the detail I am used to with most other Clancy novels. Not a ton of character development on the "bad guys" but this is a nice follow-up to "Dead or Alive". Can't wait for the next one.

sparkyinfla ,

Great stuff!

Loved it, great follow up in the series of Rainbow Six characters; including Ryan, Sr. , Ryan, Jr., & John Friggin Clark.

LexingtonBobby ,


This is the first book I have purchased with Lou Diamond Phillips as the narrator, he is great. I will try to look for books he has narrated. The book itself is also fantastic, even better than I had expected.

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