Locked Up Liars: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance

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Publisher Description

Nothing prepares you for finding your sister’s lifeless body covered in blood.

But when the police arrest her ex, a man I know is innocent, I can’t sit by and do nothing.

Not when I’ve been secretly in love with him for years.

Heath may not want my help, but I won’t take no for an answer.

To catch a killer, I’m forced to take a job at Saint View Prison. Maximum security. The place they send the worst of the worst.

But it’s not just Heath who doesn’t want me there.

Rowe, the sinfully sexy head guard has made it clear I don’t belong. I’d tell him where to go with my middle finger up, if my skin didn’t prickle with awareness every time he touches me.

And then there’s Liam, hotshot lawyer and my old high school enemy. All that tension and chemistry is still there, burning between us like flames. I need his help, but I’ll be damned if I beg for it.

With every lie we uncover, every secret we expose, the danger mounts.

Until there’s only one thing we know for sure.

The killer is still out there.

And I’m his next target.

Locked Up Liars is an adult, #whychoose romance, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This book contains enemies-to-lovers and romantic suspense / dark themes that may trigger some readers. It is the first book in an ongoing trilogy.

Stella Hunter
hr min
March 20
Elle Thorpe Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Jenna1129 ,

Captivating story!

Locked up Liars - Saint View Prison, #1 - Audiobook Review

This was my first book by this author and I really loved the audiobook! It was a captivating story and kept me intrigued and wanting more of all 4 main characters throughout. There is mystery and suspense, a little spice but I'm thinking there might be a lot more in the next two books, and just a unique cast of characters. Obviously, with it being a trilogy the story does end on a cliffhanger and I am ready to continue their journey. The series is complete in ebook and the first two books are available in audiobook.

Mae, Liam, Rowe, and Heath --- I loved how they each had their own history/connection with Mae with their situations coming together after the murder of Mae's sister. Heath took the fall for the murder and his life in prison, Liam his lawyer, and Mae's former classmate, Rowe the prison guard who first thought Mae was a prison groupie, and then Mae, who took on being the prison teacher to be able to reach Health. They had each experienced their own pain but were able to keep moving forward and I enjoyed how Mae's relationship with each guy evolved.

Stella Hunter was great at narrating Mae. This was my first book with Jarman Day narrating and he was fabulous. I was able to feel the emotions of the characters and he has a great voice. Loved the duet-style narration.

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