Lost in the City of @ (Unabridged‪)‬

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Rhubarb Pie is gone… 

Twelve-year-old Samantha has special powers, but she has yet to master them. 

In the wake of September 11th, 2001, Sammy attempts to use her powers to turn back time and change the course of history in search of her lost father, whom she affectionately calls Rhubarb Pie. However, in her botched attempt to manipulate fate, she falls down a rabbit hole and becomes lost in a virtual wonderland. 

As she wanders the fantastical City of @, she meets a variety of zany characters with questionable motives. In order to break free of this wacky world and find her way back home, she must restore her faith and connect with her powers before she disappears forever. 

Will Sammy find her father before she loses herself? 

Lost in the City of @ is a charming and imaginative work of fiction that contends with what it means to experience the chaos of trauma, rediscover oneself, and heal from unspeakable loss.

Kids & Young Adults
Isabella Tugman
hr min
May 5
Michael Bell

Customer Reviews

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Loved it! Wonderful, Magical, and Thought-Provoking

Like Alice in Wonderland, this book may be marketed to children and teens. And they will enjoy it! But Alice in Wonderland is also studied in graduate school literature seminars and read and enjoyed by adults of all ages. The same should apply to the wonderful book, Lost in the City of @.

In this book, the main character, Sammy (for Samantha), falls down her own rabbit hole into a virtual computer-based world in the City of @ We see Sammy completely breaking with her family and friends while she is lost in this virtual world searching for her missing father. She becomes more and more invisible until we fear she might disappear completely. Although her adventures and the colorful and comical characters in @ are fascinating in their own right, each also imparts metaphor and meaning to Sammy’s psychological and spiritual journey to deal with the terrible loss of her father in the 911 tragedy until she finally emerges back to NY City and to life itself.
I was lucky enough to experience this book through its audiobook version. The magic of this book truly sparkles and is brought to life by the skilled narration of Isabella Tugman. It shows how an audiobook with a good narrator can add multiple new dimensions to the written word. The reader can easily visualize the comical characters of @ through their wonderful voices created by Ms. Tugman. I urge youget this audiobook. You will be happy you did!