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Detective Inspector Vincent Ruiz doesn't know who wants him dead. He has no recollection of the firefight that landed him in the Thames, covered in his own blood and that of at least two other people. A photo of missing child Mickey Carlyle is found in his pocket--but Carlyle's killer is already in jail. And Ruiz is the detective who put him there. Accused of faking amnesia, Ruiz reaches out to psychologist Joe O'Loughlin to help him unearth his memory and clear his name. Together they battle against an internal affairs investigator convinced Ruiz is hiding the truth, and a ruthless criminal who claims Ruiz has something of his that can't be replaced. As Ruiz's memories begin to resurface, they offer tantalizing glimpses at a shocking discovery.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Ray Lonnen
Std. Min.
1. Januar
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Nystul ,

great suspense

There are a few authors that appear on itunes that only have one book, and every time I look to make a new purchase I search their name in hopes that a new one has been added. This is one such author, and I'm always dissapointed that "Lost" is still his only offering. The author does a wonderful job of trickling out the lead character's memory as he starts to knit his life back together. You'll spend plenty of time trying to guess what happened to him- sometimes you'll be right, sometimes you'll be wrong. But the guessing game itself is the fun here. This reminds me in an odd way of the movie "Memento" where the audience knows no more or less than the lead. You are working together to find his past, and that makes the book just fly by. The narration is also very well done.

AllieMB ,


this book was truely amazing. i <3 it and give it 5 stars!! if only i read it...

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