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“A brilliant, perceptive, and deeply moving fable.”
—Boston Sunday Globe

Publishers Weekly calls Gregory Maguire’s Lost “a deftly written, compulsively readable modern-day ghost story.” Brilliantly weaving together the literary threads of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, and the Jack the Ripper stories, the bestselling author of The Wicked Years canon creates a captivating fairy tale for the modern world. With Lost, Maguire—who re-imagined a darker, more dangerous Oz, and inspired the creation of the Tony Award-winning Broadway blockbuster Wicked—delivers a haunting tale of shadows and phantoms and things going bump in the night, confirming his reputation as “one of contemporary fiction’s most assured myth-makers” (Kirkus Reviews).

Jenny Sterlin
hr min
November 6

Customer Reviews

Thistle Badger ,


After enjoying Gregory Maguire’s other best sellers, this one falls a bit short. A diverting story, yet not as riveting or intense as most of Maguire’s other works.

MagicianXV ,

Painfully Slow

After reading Maguire's brilliant 'Wicked', I was eager to tackle another of his works. However, 'Lost' will offer few of the delights found in 'Wicked'. While Maguire is still a top-notch writer, the story is agonizingly slow and nearly boring in many places. It is packed to the brim with padding (what the character does about lunch, including the explicit details of their salad and wine), and takes an inexcusably long time to get to the point.

Booklover119 ,

Rather disappointing

I had just read Wicked, and I loved it. When I read the back of Lost, I thought that it would be really interesting, for a lot of different reasons.
I'm sorry to say that I was very wrong. The climax of this book occurs at the very end, and it was an odd one at that. The author had tried to give you clues throughout the book, and hoped that they would all make sense at the end.
This made the book confusing, and completely unenjoyable to read. I like fiction, fantasy, and sci-fi, but this was just not the right book for me. It was a bad beginning, middle, and ending.
It was a shame to read this after Wicked, because now I have a low opinion of Gregory Maguire.

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