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Saving the world is such a bother when it makes you late for tea.

Wizard Lily Singer is kept busy managing library archives, studying magic, and trying to keep her witch friend Sebastian from dragging her into trouble. Unfortunately, he loves adventure even more than she loves being left alone.

She doesn't want to investigate a malignant spell in a haunted house, but Sebastian is promising rare books as the reward. She also doesn't want to hurt her family, but is tired of being lied to about her past. And she definitely doesn't want to get stuck in a dangerously unstable time loop, but Sebastian is in trouble-again . . .

Strangling her friend, as satisfying as it would be, won't fix her problems. If she wants answers, and to not miss tea, she had best find the right spell for the job-before everything goes to hell, and takes them all with it.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Amy McFadden
hr min
February 19
Tantor Audio

Customer Reviews

smart_1 ,

Good First Book in Series

I listened to the audio version of the book and the narrator was great! She changed her tone and inflection based on the character and I really enjoyed her style. The book itself was good for a first in the series. The plot was interesting, but it moved very slowly as there was a lot of explanation on the magic systems. I have to admit that I’m not overly fond of the main character, Lily. She seems pretentious and rigid. However, I love Sebastian. More please :) I’m really hoping they don’t end up an item, because Sebastian deserves someone who isn’t annoyed by just seeing his name pop up.

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