Audiobook 1 - Corsican Crime Lord

Love Like Poison

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Publisher Description

Every year on my birthday, my tormentor returns to claim one of my firsts.


On my sixteenth birthday, a stranger from Corsica shows up at my party. Angelo Russo looks like an angel, but more the kind who decapitates dragons than the kind with soft white wings. He’s dark like the ocean and breathless like water. He says he wants all my firsts as if he already owns them, but my father orders me to stay away from this man.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t escape him. No one can keep me safe. Every year on my birthday, he brings me a gift, each one having a detrimental effect on my life with unimaginable consequences. With every gift he offers, he claims another one of my firsts. Before I know it, he’s taken control of my existence, turning me into a nervous wreck, because when I turn eighteen, I know what first he’ll come for next.

Laurie West
hr min
September 5
Charmaine Pauls

Customer Reviews

Fa2sdh ,

Secret arrangement

Dark romance
Arranged marriage
Obsessed hero
Over the top possessive
Virgin hero

Audio review
Narrated by Laurie West, Gideon Frost

Sabella and Angelo have a strange connection. They first meet face to face on Sabella’s 16th birthday. She sees him with stars in her eyes as he “gifts” her a new cat. Every year on her birthday he brings a more extravagant gift. He was her secret hero until he wasn’t.
Angelo was promised Sabella in marriage but her father tried to renege on the deal. He will stop at nothing to make her his. He is obsessed, possessive and jealous.
Everyone knows of the deal except Bella. She is kept in the dark the entire time.
Bella defies Angelo at every turn once he betrays her. She is strong minded and determined to live her life her own way. Even though the story takes over a few years time, there is plenty of interaction between Bella and Angelo.
The cliffhanger was earth shattering. Can’t wIt to find out what is going to happen.

Dytdyrroys ,

Amazing story and phenomenal narration!!

* Arranged Marriage
* Mafia Romance
* Inexperienced MCs
* Jealous/Possessive MMC

I read this and listened to the audiobook. The audiobook brought this story to a whole other level!! I don’t know if was some magical production trick or just the narrators, but this was such a smooth listen. It sounded so sharp and clean and was super easy to get lost in the story.

The narrators themselves were AMAZING!! Laurie West’s voice acting was phenomenal!! She brought so much emotion to this book that I almost believed she was experiencing everything herself. Gideon Frost was also impressive with his versatility. When I was listening to his chapters, it felt like so many different people were narrating at once.

This is one of the best audiobooks I’ve ever listened to!
This is the perfect title for this book. This is definitely a dark romance and there is a list of content warnings that should be read prior to diving into this book.
The story starts with both our MMCs young and inexperienced, but while Sabella is somewhat naive to her world, Angelo is not. He is the consummate mafia hero who is as alpha possessive as they come. Their relationship starts off when she turns 16 and slowly morphs into something darker and by the time she turns 18, they are pretty much entirely engulfed in each other, whether she is aware of it or not.
The plot is thick in this story and the family drama/rivalry adds so much depth to this story. The dual POV is a must in these types of books and so well done. We really get a good look into the goings on that would absolutely be lacking if we were only looking at things from Bella's POV. If you like darker, spicier romance this one is for you but be ready for a wild cliffhanger that will leave you fiending for the next book.

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