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Debutantes fear him. Their mamas shun him. And it’s all the fault of that gossip-monger, Lady X.

William Grey, Lord Tensford, has an old title and an empty purse. He knew it would be difficult to find a Society bride, but after Lady X heeds baseless rumor and brands him Lord Terror, it’s next to impossible.

Until he comes to the aid of Lady Hope Brightley, who staunchly defends him to the ton, causing Lady X to re-dub him Lord Tender.

It’s no improvement. Now he’s a laughing stock as well as a fortune hunter. But Lady Hope means to repay his kindness by helping him to find a bride. But in the end, will she turn him over to the perfect mate? Or ask him to . . . Love Me, Lord Tender?

Siobhan Waring
hr min
April 2
Deb Marlowe

Customer Reviews

Zyphax ,

A delightful read!

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the audiobook release of Deb Marlowe’s Love Me, Lord Tender. It did not disappoint!

Loved the characterization of Lady Hope and Lord Tensford. They had interests and passions that added to their depth.

Their interactions were a lot of fun. I enjoyed that they had a chance to get to know each other and become friends. I hope we get to see a cameo or two of them in future books as their relationship develops. I think they will be good partners for each other.

I found myself looking for more chores to do so that I could keep listening!

The narration was also excellent. I’ve got my eye on some of Siobhan Waring’s other narrations, now.

Looking forward to listening to the rest of the Unconventional Courtships series as they come out in audiobook format.