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Handsome, wealthy resort owner Treat Braden is used to getting what he wants. When Max Armstrong walked into his life six months earlier, he saw right through the efficient and capable facade she wore like a shield, to the sweet, sensual woman who lay beneath. She sparked an unfamiliar desire in him for more than a one-night stand, leaving his heart reeling and his blood boiling. But one mistake caused her to turn away, and now, after six months of longing for the one woman he cannot have, he's going home to try to forget her all together.

Max Armstrong has a successful career, a comfortable lifestyle, and she's never needed a man to help her find her way - until Treat Braden caught her attention at a wedding in Nassau, causing a surge of emotions too reminiscent of the painful past she'd spent years trying to forget. Max will do anything to avoid reliving that pain - including forgoing her toe-curling, heart-pounding desire for Treat. When a chance encounter turns into a night of intense passion, Treat realizes that the mistake he made six months earlier may cause him to lose Max completely. He will do everything within his power to win her heart forever - and Max is forced to face her hurtful past head on for the man she cannot help but love.

B. J. Harrison
hr min
November 18
World Literary Press

Customer Reviews

DenaDonnatelli ,

The Braden Saga Begins

This was my first Melissa Foster book that kept me coming back for more. I have both read and listened to it and each time I get a little more out of their story and it holds a special place in my heart.

Treat, the oldest of six children, lost his mom at the tender age of eleven and tried to step up and help each of them deal with their devastating loss. We get to see the Braden family dynamics and I think that is my favorite part of the book. Hal Braden is the patriarch of the family and is a strong, alpha male who sets a fine example for his children. Never one to shy away from showing his love for them and the woman who still owns his heart, he’s always there. I love Hal. He gave each of his children the opportunity to pursue their own dreams and Treat went on to become a wealthy resort owner, traveling the world looking for the next new venture.

Max Armstrong has built a very comfortable life for herself as a successful event planner. This is how Max and Treat come to know each other, as she plans the destination wedding for her boss and friends Chaz Crew and Kaylie Snow and Kaylie’s sister Danica and Blake Carter, Treat’s cousin. We meet them in Sisters in White, Book 3 of The Snow Sisters (Love in Bloom). Max is efficient and detail oriented, which makes her a real asset in her job, keeping everything organized and running smoothly. However, her personal life is almost non-existent due to a painful past relationship that she hasn’t really come to terms with. In truth, she’s run from her past and as we all know, it eventually catches up with you.

Treat Braden and Max Armstrong are two flawed people each dealing with issues from their past who meet in person at the destination wedding after having worked together for months over the phone planning it and a relationship of sorts forms.

Treat is older than Max and a confirmed bachelor until he meets her. He doesn’t understand the instant attraction that is more than physical and the shifting of his heart, at first confuses and almost irritates him. He’s also quick to pass judgement and that comes back to haunt him.

Max is a strong willed woman who can’t escape her own past and it threatens everything she wants.

I won’t go into detail beyond what brought them together or sent them in opposite directions - all the other reviews do that. I will say fate keeps bringing them together and neither can forget the other, but if they want a chance at a real relationship, at love - they both have painful issues to deal with first. We travel with them from Nassau to Weston, CO to Wellfleet, MA. I especially loved the time in Wellfleet, it gives more insight into what makes Treat the man he is and shows another side to him.

Take the time to read and listen to this first book in the Braden saga and you’ll get hooked. B.J. Harrison does a great job of narrating with his soothing voice that easily transitions from one character to the next without getting lost and that always manages to transport me into the story.

Ladydi232 ,

A favorite author

While reading The Snow Sisters series, I got a little hint of something between Max and Treat. It really got me excited to read their story. Max seemed like such a bad**s character. I couldn’t wait to see what hoops she might make handsome Treat jump through.

“Isn’t that the greatest feeling? That instant when you know someone recognizes that you’re something more than what anyone else sees?”

I was a little disappointed when it ended up that Max was hiding so much insecurity under her tough armor. But I’m glad that Treat was able to see through the tough and past the self-doubt and right into the amazingness that was the real Max.
I loved listening to this story on audiobook! The narrator really helps me feel the emotions of the characters!
-4 Stars!-

CharlotteLynn ,

Amazing narrator

BJ Harrison is an amazing narrator. He brings the characters to life, especially my favorite Treat Braden.

Treat Braden is a wealthy resort owner whose life got turned upside down when Max Armstrong walked into his resort 6 months ago. After making a mistake in assuming she has a one night stand while staying at his resort, he is now going home to try to get over her.

Max Armstrong has a great career but has never needed or wanted a man as she wants Treat. When she returns home she decides that she does not need a man and goes about her life trying to forget the man she met in Nassau.

At the festival Max and Treat run into each other and they realize that the feelings are there. But what are they going to do about it?

This is the fourth book in the Love in Bloom series. The story of Max and Treat was exactly what I was hoping for at the end of the last book, Sisters in Love. The sparks flew and the romance was hot but there were true feelings and lots of respect between these two. The respect and care that Treat shows Max made me in awe. I want a man like that. Every woman should. Of course, Melissa Foster added in some extremely steamy scenes and I love her for it.

I dreamed of Treat. I have to admit I have a little of a crush on him. This is a book that any romance chic lit lover has to read. As a matter of fact they should he back and read the whole series.

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