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Can Mike battle back from the final outcome? Now the world needs him the most. New and old threats emerge to claim a war-ravaged world on the verge of collapse. Lana, Bailey, and Azile the Red Witch have assembled all that remains of man in one final battle that could determine the fate of mankind forever. And it just might not be enough.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Sean Runnette
hr min
November 29
Audible Studios

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Mark Tufo has come a long way in his writing

Mark Tufo continues the saga of Michael Talbot, the Old One. Yes, one might think Talbot died in the last book but oh, the twisted mind of Tufo skillfully created a way back to life for Talbot. One that is shocking and clever!

Talbot’s fight with the Lycan has just been increased to include a Mage and demons. Tufo treats his listeners with a side of Talbot that is not seen – a stronger than strong Talbot who endures torture and being mind-screwed by both Lycan and Mage. The enemy bent on human destruction is a formidable opponent.

We get to see Azile in true action and we have to say goodbye to a Talbot favorite character. In this book, Talbot may take the fight to the enemy but he is merely an observer this time – from a spit, an anthill and …
We are entertained by the witty and sarcastic nature of Talbot and the patient yet stern Azile. AND we get a few moments with Tommy!
Tufo is an entertaining writer who has the unique ability to write a masterful “side conversation” that Talbot is well known to have with himself and provides his listeners with well thought out story lines and character development. Tufo’s sardonic humor and wit is accomplished and is Talbot.

Mark Tufo has come a long way in his writing. I have read each of his books finding each one to be better than the last. If the world has to have an apocalypse – I hope I have a “Talbot” nearby!

Toss in Sean Runnette as the narrator and you have a pair made in heaven! Runnette has the talent to communicate the sardonic wit and humor in a way that is purely Talbot. Runnette has become Talbot and the two are inseparable!

Runnette is a delight to listen to as he rambles in Talbot fashion and injects the right amount of fear, humor, and emotion into the narration.

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