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***** THE BOOK OF DUST, the long-awaited new novel from Philip Pullman set in the world of His Dark Materials and narrated by Michael Sheen, has been hailed by the New York Times as "a stunning achievement." Find it on audio from Listening Library. *****

An exciting tale set in the world of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials saga 

Lyra's Oxford opens in the thrilling comfort and familiarity of Jordan College, where Lyra and her daemon Pantalaimon sit on the sun-drenched roof looking out over all of Oxford. But their peace is shattered when a strange bird (a witch's daemon, on its own) tumbles out of the sky. It is Ragi, daemon of Yelena Pazhets, and he seeks a healing elixir from an infamous Oxford alchemist (and rumored man-slaughterer) to cure his witch of a strange new disease from the South. Lyra and Pan decide to help and guide him (witches are friends, of course) but the closer their winding walk leads them to the alchemist's house, the stronger Lyra's sense that she's walking into a deadly trap.

Kids & Young Adults
Philip Pullman
hr min
October 28
Listening Library

Customer Reviews

TheAskeys ,

TOO SHORT! : . (

I read the book and it took me.... say a half an hour to read. it was the shortest book I have come read. I love H.D.M. but Lyra's Oxford is just so short compared to the trilogy! I still like it, yes. I just wish it were longer and had more in it. He could have put a little part about Will(in his/our world.Duh! I'm not stupid I know he can't see Lyra again).

Basically it's short that is the only thing wrong with it.

Doodles72 ,

i was hoping for more...

i was kind of hoping that will would show up in the book more but i hope he comes out with anthoer book about lyra and pan :D

natafraid ,

too short

This was a bit of a disappointment. Though the narration was excellent, the story is so short that it hardly seems worth the money. Too bad.

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