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In the winter of 1996, writer Michael Ruhlman donned a chef’s jacket and entered the Culinary Institute of America, known as the Harvard of cooking schools, to learn the art of cooking. His vivid and eye-opening record of that experience, The Making of a Chef, takes us into the heart of this food-knowledge mecca. Here we meet a coterie of talented chefs, an astonishing and driven breed, and experience the pressure and perfectionism of their job. Ruhlman learns fundamental skills and information about the behavior of food that make cooking anything possible. He propels himself and his readers through a score of kitchens and classrooms—from Asian and American regional cuisines to lunch cookery—in search of the elusive, unnameable elements of great cooking. This book was nominated for a 1998 James Beard Foundation award in the Writing on Food category.

Jeff Riggenbach
hr min
August 23
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

SMoze ,

Book might be ok... audio editing is not

I am not sure who ever formatted this book for iTunes/download ever listened to the final product. There are numerous sections that skip or repeat. I tried but found it too annoying to finish the book. Pretty poor product for the money charged. If you are thinking about purchasing, I'd wait for a new version to be posted.

ChefJon ,

Good book, but bad Itunes product

I have also read this book, so its really annoying when chapters and content is out of order. Stuff was repeated and repeated like a broken record. There are many words the narrator pronounces poorly. He could not pronounce shallots properly, he said "shay-lotz." (as a chef that drives me crazy)
All in all I am disappointed in Itunes for not reviewing this material before selling it for such a massive price. Just in the first 5 minutes you can tell of the editing problem.
If you are interested in the Culinary Institute of America this book is an important incite.
I recommend reading it.

Terrible Narrator ,

Great Book, really bad audiobook

Unless you are a die-hard this is a really hard audiobook to listen too. The absolute worst person to read this book, many akward pasues, lots of chapter start themselves over and the book skips around. IF you want to listen to this enough you can but it is only for the comited, what a bad audiobook, worst I have ever listened too.

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