Man, Myth, Messiah

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Did Jesus Really Exist?

The search for the historical Jesus continues to be headline news. Any speculative theory seems to get instant attention as the debate rages about His real identity and the claims made in His name. Did Jesus really exist? Is there real historical evidence that demonstrates that He lived and actually said and did the things the Gospels record? Is there any validity to the speculative claims that the Jesus story was a myth, borrowed from a variety of pagan cultures of the ancient world?

In this follow-up to the book God’s Not Dead (that inspired the movie), Man, Myth, Messiah looks at the evidence for the historical Jesus and exposes the notions of skeptics that Jesus was a contrived figure of ancient mythology. It also looks at the reliability of the Gospel records as well as the evidence for the resurrection that validates His identity as the promised Messiah. Man, Myth, Messiah will be released concurrent to the God’s Not Dead movie sequel, which will cover the same theme.

Religion & Spirituality
Tommy Cresswell
hr min
March 1
Thomas Nelson

Customer Reviews

Jackson David Reynolds ,

One Star Is Much Too Generous

This is perhaps one of the worst books I have ever read. I have read a great deal of Christian apologetic literature (running the gamut from dreadful to superb), but this flaccid pamphlet falls far beyond the pale of even the most infantile titles I've hitherto had the displeasure of ingesting. The author's spectacularly conspicuous ignorance of basic science, coupled with his thinly (read: unsuccessfully) disguised certainty of conclusion from the outset, makes it painfully evident that one should not be surprised when one arrives at the bottom of the final page and discovers that not a single drop of original scholarship or legitimate critical questioning were anywhere to be found within this 300-page, question-begging Gospel tract. Having read this book, it is now of little mystery to me why the "God's Not Dead" films — which were based on this book and its prequel — were so unashamedly terrible. Let it be known: if one wishes for his or her cause (whatever it may be) to be in any respect seriously advanced, Pastor Rice Broocks is not the cheerleader one would be wise to employ to champion said cause.

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