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One of the greatest minds in American writing, Kurt Vonnegut has left an indelible impression on literature with such inventive novels as Cat's Cradle, Slaughterhouse- Five and Breakfast of Champions. Now this iconic figure shares his often hilarious and always insightful reflections on America, art, politics and life in general. No matter the subject, Vonnegut will have you considering perspectives you may never have regarded. On the creative process: "If you want to really hurt your parents . the least you can do is go into the arts. I'm not kidding." On politics: "No, I am not going to run for President, although I do know that a sentence, if it is to be complete, must have both a subject and a verb." On nature: "Evolution is so creative. That's how we got giraffes." On modern cultural attitudes: "Do you think Arabs are dumb? They gave us our numbers. Try doing long division with Roman numerals." And on the fate of humankind: "The good Earth-we could have saved it, but we were too damn cheap and lazy." A Man without a Country showcases Vonnegut at his wittiest, most acerbic, and most concerned. Beyond the humor and biting satire is an appeal to all readers to give careful thought to the world around them and the people they share it with.

Norman Dietz
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October 7
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jlund1 ,

A Man Without A Country

Kurt Vonnegut's new novel, A Man Without A Country is a funny, satirical look at the author's life, current events and the world around him. Written with a keen understanding of how to capture his audience's attention and convey his points with meaning, fans of Kurt Vonnegut will certainly not be disappointed.

brosed ,

Delicious brain food

I have not read Vonnegut for a long time, and picked this book out as a birthday present for myself. I was not disappointed. This book was exactly what I needed. A few sane and funny words in this insane unfunny time. Kurt dares to say what needs to be told. Bush, Fundamentalist Christians, Captains of Corporations, and self-assured guessers won't like it, but boy I sure did. Did I mention that I like Vonnegut? Well, I didn't really need to, so why did those who rated the book low? If I were a guesser, I'd guess they were one of the above disguised in good guy's clothing. But who cares... I bought the hard back, now I'm buying the audio version. Some of the quotes he shares were astounding. Abe Lincoln's blew me away... If you feel America's now heading down the wrong path, my guess is that you will like it.

Efid ,

I Comment on "An Average Book"

O.K I haven't read the book, and I am a new Vonnegut reader, so I just really quickly want to share a quote that counters the review enititled "An Average Book" and how he says that Vonnegut points out a lot of flaws but gives no soloution. From Chapter 110: The Fourteenth Book of Cat's Craddle, "What Can a Thoughful Man Hope for Mankind on Earth, Given the Experience of the Past Million Years?.....Nothing."

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