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Fanny Price, a poor relation of the rich Bertrams, is reluctantly adopted into the family to be brought up at Mansfield Park, where she is treated condescendingly. Only her cousin Edmund, a young clergyman, appreciates her fine qualities. Fanny soon falls in love with him, but Edmund is, unfortunately, drawn to the shallow and worldly Mary Crawford. Fanny’s quiet humility, steadfast loyalty, and natural goodness are matched against the wit and brilliance of her lovely rival. The tension is heightened when Henry Crawford, Mary’s equally sophisticated and flirtatious brother, takes an interest in Fanny.

Jane Austen’s subtle, satiric novel skillfully uses her characters’ emotional relationships to explore the social and moral values by which they attempt to order their lives.

Johanna Ward
hr min
January 28
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

JennyLou13 ,

Wonderful Narrator!

I am part of a Jane Austen book club and confess that although it may appear lazy, found that with out-of-town family visiting this month, I was running out of time to begin the book. Since I have a 35-45 minute commute to work daily I decided this was the only time not being taken full advantage of. I have now reached chapter 9 and I am thoroughly delighted with the narrator. I highly recommend this version of the Audio Book!

anabel z. ,

A terrific rendition, indeed!

A well performed narration of the book. I thought this was the best of the bunch (from what I could glean from the short previews offered..) but was nervous in the beginning of the read; it seemed a bit slow. Finally though the narration fell into perfect pace (or was it my ears?) & the characters were perfectly defined & portrayed. Fanny always feels a bit cloying to me and I think the narrator gave her great justice. Highly recommend this recording.

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