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A shadow has fallen on the shore of the Eastern sea, a shadow called Marshank. In this cold stone fortress a stoat named Badrang holds dozens of innocent creatures as slaves, part of his scheme to build an empire where he will rule as unquestioned tyrant.

Among those slaves is a mouse named Martin who has a warrior's heart, and a burning desire for freedom—freedom not only for himself, but for all of Badrang's victims. There is no risk he will not take, no battle he will not fight, to end the stoat's evil reign, and in the process regain the sword of his father, Luke the Warrior—the sword that Badrang stole from him when he was but a lad.

Once again master storyteller Brian Jacques has crafted an epic adventure and filled it to the bursting point with unforgettable characters, including villains so hilariously evil you'll barely be able to keep from hissing at them, and loveable woodland creatures so brave you'll want to stand and cheer as they fight for their freedom.

Kids & Young Adults
Brian Jacques
hr min
August 28
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Customer Reviews

weston_chaser ,


This was always my favorite book in the Redwall series, but this full cast reading made it that much better!!!

Claire September 2011 ,

Very entertaining 3/3/12

The dialects are very good and of course Brian Jacques does a great job keeping the listener interested, love his work! I laugh out loud everytime a new chapter is announced, the voice that states the next chapter number sounds so,so tired and put upon- it's hilarious!! This is the first Jacques book I've listened to instead of reading and I'm very happy.

Inkies! ,


HA-LAY-LO-YA!!!! FINALLY A BOOK ABOUT MARTIN!!!! THIS WAS SO EPIC!!!!!!!!! I loved it so much, even though it created some lop holes from the plot in Mossflower. But who cares? MARTIN THE WARRIOR, REDWALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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