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The way you understand your own and other people´s emotions…will not only influence the relationship with your partner, family, and friends…maybe even more importantly, with colleagues, your manager, and peers at work.

Improving your emotional intelligence can have a big positive influence on all aspects of your life, and even directly increase your income and career trajectory.

The fact that emotional intelligence has become an important part of the curriculum of $66,000 MBA programs leaves clues as well.

Here´s a small part of what you´ll discover inside Masculine Emotional Intelligence:

Use "the emotional X-ray scan" to recognize emotions from other people, solely based on body language and facial expressions. Mastering this will get you a lot of respect and a high social status and can be used both at work as at home. (Warning: This can give you an unfair advantage.)
Why society gives men in general an unfair disadvantage regarding emotional intelligence…and what you can do about it today.
The "instant chill pill" so you return quickly to normal speaking volume and de-escalate the tension when you’re angry or having a fight with your partner. Works even if you´re boiling with rage.
An eye-opening, real-life example of how low emotional intelligence can cost you your career. Learn from this harrowing example, so you can prevent it happening to you. 
How to analyze your emotions at work, so you can strategically plan your behaviors and reactions. 
Three ways to effectively manage your frustrations, so you avoid suffering from the consequences when you get mad. 
Four proven methods to reduce nervousness and worrying, so you can focus your thoughts and energy on solutions. 
Three down-to-earth and practical tips to manage your anger, so you can avoid a divorce or lay-off. 
The six steps to discover your own emotions, to prevent broken relationships and problems at work.

And much, much more...

Other books on this subject tend to be quite theoretical and academic. This book, written in plain English, is jam-packed with day-to-day examples. Including The 30-day EQ mastery program which guides you step-by-step through essentials on how to deal with your own, and other people´s emotions. Explained through very relatable real life situations, at work, at home, or wherever.

Maybe you doubt if you can develop emotional intelligence later in life. Well, scientific studies show, that five-year-olds significantly improved their EI with only a few hours of practice. This indicates emotional intelligence isn´t something you´re born with. You can improve and develop further during your life, at any age.

Seth Thompson
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August 6
John Adams