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In today's turbulent and volatile marketplace, even the most experienced professionals are struggling with the rapid commoditization of their complex, high-value solutions. The complexity of the problems to be solved and the competitive threats we face are increasing at an alarming rate. At the same time, your customers are wrestling with mission-critical decisions and evaluating solutions that all sound the same and come packaged with a high degree of risk and a low probability of success. Your success demands an exceptional strategy and precise execution that must clearly set you apart from your competition.

Continuing to evolve the breakthrough thinking of his best-selling classic Mastering the Complex Sale, in this new edition Jeff Thull once again pushes the envelope to give professionals - from individuals struggling with their first call, to senior executives trying to figure out why their value strategy is falling short - a comprehensive guide to navigate and win high-stakes sales. You will find yourself rethinking your beliefs about selling, applying this straightforward strategy, and achieving the success you are looking for.

Jeff will lead you through Diagnostic Business Development, a complete and effective system derived from years of experience with top sales professionals and executive teams worldwide. It is a proven diagnostic, value-based approach that positions you with respect and exceptional credibility as a valued business advisor and contributor to your customers' success. In fact, it's not about selling - it's about guiding quality business decisions that will connect and quantify your unique value and remove your customers' internal barriers that prevent them from moving forward.

This book will show you how to:

Gain access and connect to the highest levels of power and influence
Separate real business from resource drains
Navigate complex decision networks
Prevent self-commoditization
Connect your value to your customers' performance metrics
Quantify value with an amount your customers believe
Co-create compelling solutions customers will invest in

Rich with detailed examples and real-world case studies and thorough in its challenge to conventional sales wisdom, this edition of Mastering the Complex Sale gives you the precise guide you've been looking for to win and win big in complex sales.

About the Author: Jeff Thull is a leading-edge strategist and valued advisor for executive teams worldwide. As President and CEO of Prime Resource Group, he has designed and implemented business transformation programs for companies such as Shell Global Solutions, 3M, Microsoft, Siemens, Citicorp, IBM, Raymond James, and Georgia-Pacific, as well as many fast-track start-up companies. He has gained a reputation as a leader in the area of sales and marketing strategies for companies involved in complex sales. He is an in-demand public speaker who has delivered more than 3,500 speeches and seminars. Thull is also the author of The Prime Solution and Mastering the Complex Sale.

For more information, please visit www.primeresource.com.

Business & Personal Finance
Jeff Thull
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January 14
Prime Resource Group

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