Mastering the Art of Day Trading: A Beginner to Pro Guide to Day Trading Tactics, Tools, Trading Psychology and Discipline for Cryptocurrency, Forex and Stock Market to Make a Living (Unabridged‪)‬

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Don’t buy this book unless you want the right tools and strategies to make a living day trading stocks, cryptocurrency and forex! 

Many people have always wondered if it is truly possible to sit at the comfort of your room while making money in a day trading. The answer is yes. Day trading has become the most sought after platform by traders all over the world - due to its flexibility and volatility. But it is not as easy as it sounds, that's why you must equip yourself with the right skills and strategies, needed to thrive in the emerging field of day trading market. 

Half of the battle is won by planning - not on the field. Investing your time reading and listening to books to familiarize yourself with the practical details of day trading is half the battle won. This book presents you with systematic strategies of how to start day trading as a business. Giving you the how and why each strategy works. In this single book, I discussed the psychology and proper mindset all traders must have to be successful while trading. Everything you need to know about Forex trading and the risk management skills involved has been packed inside this book, just for your consumption.

Discussed inside are many of the common trading mistakes to avoid, risk management, and the essential one percent rule to guide you, in making that decision on any trading you want to venture in. The book is loaded and you only have to open to explore and find your niche in day trading space.

Other information the book avails include:

The wrong tools most traders utilize that messed up their day trading
Naïve day trading strategies and how to avoid them
Wrong psychology and mindset to avoid if you must avoid loses
Right and wrong traits to look out for if you must succeed as a day trader
Day trading approaches that won’t work in 2020
Wrong times of the day to trade
Concepts to use if you are an intraday trader, day trader and swing trader
And lots more...

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